10 Ways Microblading Artists Can Build A Cult Like Following (& Why It's Good For Business)

Imagine if every single time you had a spot on your calendar open up, there were people who'd sleep outside your microblading or permanent makeup salon just to to be the first walk-in appointment.

Or imagine every time you told people about your new product and put it online, it sold out in minutes.

This is the product of having a cult-like brand following. And these scenarios aren't unheard of either for some of these brands.

You hear the word "cult" and immediately negative images come to mind - & for good reason. It's worth noting that of course this isn't an endorsement to join a cult.

But it's not clickbait, either.

If you focus on achieving that kind of brand loyalty for your business, you'll start to notice that your followers end up doing a lot of the work for you - being your biggest advocates and sales staff. There's a reason why so many brands make it their top priority to develop a "cult-like" following.

But it's not just me saying this - check out Hubspots article on brands with a cult following where they go into detail naming some of the top brands who focus on this.

SO many brands have a top priority to build "a cult-like following". And what they mean by that is having a truly devoted audience who support, protect, advocate for, and are invested in a brand. From that perspective, it's pretty obvious why you'd want this type of following for your business.

For your convenience, I am including the video content to this topic below. But read on under the video as I will be including a lot more details that can help you throughout this post!

Today we're going to answer to major questions:

How do you actually build this kind of network of support?
What steps can permanent makeup artists take to make this a reality?

Here are the top 10 ways to build a strong audience that can help skyrocket your microblading or permanent makeup business:

1. Differentiate

In order to develop a following, you must have a message that is unique to you.

Here are some example of messaging that can be unique to you and be a magnetic value proposition for your business:

  • Microblading as a dramatic, bold message. Your business's messaging could be all about transformation.

  • Maybe your business is based on female empowerment. One of the things that makes Brow Envy popular to our audience is our throughout the brand, female empowerment at at the core.

  • Natural looking microblading could be your core message. It's powerful to want to give your clients a natural look. It's also unique in that not many are focused on that. Usually the makeup scene has a bent of beauty and luxury - that doesn't necessarily ooze "natural". And many clients in my experience prefer a beautiful aesthetic without the "work done" look.

2. F