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Cincinnati Microblading Training: 3 Reasons Why We Embraced Digital & Ongoing Learning

Updated: May 13, 2019

Cincinnati microblading training has been the focus for us at Brow Envy when it comes to fulfilling our mission to encourage and empower female entrepreneurs and beauty professionals. While this has been deeply fulfilling and we've training hundreds of Cincinnati microblading artists, we want to reach more of you. But we only have a limited amount of time and spaces to provide our immersive, in person experience.

Our solution: Provide you a learning experience that you can learn at your own pace from anywhere you have an internet connection. We built this digital microblading training membership for you to give you a chance to receive ongoing learning and training materials that provide proven methods that you can implement from day 1.

Ongoing learning is such a crucial component of improving ourselves and our business. Yet, when we think about growing our microblading salon, studio, beauty business, side hustle, or clientele in our niche, we don’t often go immediately go to ongoing learning as the solution.

Before we dive in, I wanted to leave this video here as a way to help deliver this incredibly valuable and helpful resource we've made available to you. If you prefer video content, be sure to check this out! Toward the end of this blog I'll give you all the important information you need to know with interesting insights along the way!

Microblading Training Model Is Broken

Change is the only true constant we can expect in life. A failure to adapt to the evolving world around us can easily result in business stagnation, or worse yet, failure to launch.

Take a look at some of these once iconic brands and businesses that didn’t focus on learning, improving, and adapting. Notice a trend?

Microblading training cincinnati sustainable business avoid these failed companies legacy
Understanding the link in these four companies can ensure your business's sustainability


At the end of this article, we’ll give you a solution to how you can avoid the fate of some of these major brands and how you can skyrocket your business results to ensure your business is around to give you the freedom and lifestyle you deserve.

Part of the problem is the fact that the microblading, and the beauty industry as a whole, is somewhat silent on how to account for the fact that so much of our ability to grow our companies, get more clients, and attract talented artists is dependant on protecting the information we have. There’s risk in putting all the information you’ve gathered in growing your microblading or beauty related businesses out there for anyone to see. Who is stopping that salon over there from taking that and leveraging it? But that creates an industry with a broken model.

The microblading training process is BROKEN.

There. I said it!

I talk about this is in our recent article talking about the power of a community of like-minded individuals all helping and supporting each other. You can check out that article here.

I don’t think that statement is particularly polarizing. I am sure we’ve all had similar thoughts. We are about to embark on the very technical, and highly demanding world of semi permanent makeup where our work has the ability to change lives and significantly alter someone’s appearance and self - esteem. But we’re expected to be equipped to do that all in one weekend? And not to mention, have no way to actually grow our business? The dirty little secret a lot of training programs won’t mention is that just because you do really good work, doesn’t mean that you will have an endless supply of new customers. That takes business acumen and intentional marketing strategy. Both of which you can absolutely be learned at the basic level. And in this industry, that will set you above your competition.

So what are the actual advantages of continuing to learn new skills and take in new knowledge?

Here are three crucial elements that speak to why ongoing learning should be something you invest your time and energy into your microblading business in 2019:

1. Supplement knowledge gaps with digital learning

As proven by the once juggernaut companies mentioned at the start, failure to adapt agnostic. It doesn’t matter how big you get, how many clients you have - the microblading and beauty industry as a whole is changing… with or without you. That much is a fact.

In order to stay one step ahead of your competition, it’s vital you constantly be learning as much as you can with regard to not only technical components of your craft, but also business building principles. As we inch closer and closer to 2020, we should all stop and recognize that integrating your business onto social media platforms and trying to engage with your potential customers is a must.

But platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube all have a much different interface from the business end. Ongoing learning of how to properly market on these platforms is a necessity to stand out in this environment.

The other thing to call out is that with more digital innovation, advertisement gets more and more complicated. In order to not get left behind it’s important to spend some time acclimating yourself ad platforms and ease yourself into how they work. Even if you don’t see yourself ever executing ad campaigns yourself, it’s still good to know how they function so you can intelligently find reliable help. Also, you can optimize your business profiles with the end customer in mind in the most efficient way to increase conversion. Consider this:

Just because you don’t buy Google ads doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a Google My Business Page. It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check your Google Search Console regularly... or even worse, not be connected.

Here is a list of free digital marketing tools I would start to check out:

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Adwords

  • Facebook Business Manager

  • YouTube SEO & Video Platforms

  • UberSuggest

With this in mind, The Brow Envy Training Academy has already made a couple courses on some of these and we plan on continuing to serve you with materials that drive real value and remain relevant to your business.

2. Hottest trends to attract more customers

Your customers are looking for artists who are familiar with the latest trends and can offer them up to date technique. The more knowledgeable you are about your microblading or other beauty services, the more likely they are going to be comfortable trusting you with the work.

When you are in touch with the latest and greatest in your industry, you present your brand and yourself as a top-tier professional. It doesn’t mean that you need to be skilled enough to apply some of the techniques if they aren’t totally relevant - but being able to speak to them and have some familiarity with them is beneficial.

Additionally, this would apply to business building principles as well. Technology changes have massively marketing in the past 3-5 years. For instance, consider these scenarios to yourself honestly - where do you stand?

  • Are you prepared for what industry experts are expecting to be a major shakeup from Virtual Reality innovation?

  • How have you started to prep for the voice based surge to begin in 2019?

  • Advertisers flooding social platforms have watered down your customer's attention span on Instagram and Facebook - how are you going to deal with this shifting dynamic as an entity that sells products and services?

If you don’t have these answers, it’s okay!

The point is, this industry depends on the habits of our clients. And we have to face the fact that this is becoming more and more apart of their lives. Therefore, it must be a point of focus in ours.

Echoing point #1 above this, digital marketing and video based content are two avenues I would over-invest and over-deliver in 2019. Attention is getting harder to come by with our customers and we need to do a better job of capturing that attention. Ongoing learning helps you to stay up to date with major social platform changes, winning strategies that have adapted and morphed, and best in class executions for marketing campaigns that you can apply for major improvements. For example:

  • Those who were up to date and committed to ongoing learning had the best year from the digital side of their businesses in 2014 when they positioned themselves ahead of the curve for Google’s massive algorithm change that is affectionately known as “Hummingbird”.

  • OR Companies with a strong omnichannel strategy retain about 88% of their customer base compared to retention levels hovering at 33% for companies that have Source Hubspot 2018

Microbladers, salons, and beauty based service business that lean into the digital age will not only be prepared and better able to adapt to major disruptions that come your way, they will thrive.

3. Confidence in renewed ideas and innovation

Your business is only as valuable as your customer perceives it to be. Sounds simple right? It is, actually. But if we know that to be true, wouldn't we all be signing up for high value courses and training opportunities every single chance we got?

There are 1,001 excuses and reasons all of us have to not pursue ongoing learning:

  • "Dedicating myself to learning a new skill is hard and takes time I don't have."

  • "Where do I even turn for that?" Everything online is so secretive and expensive."

  • "I never really liked school; why put myself through any variation of that again?"

  • "I would love to but it costs money I don't really have."

Do any of these sound familiar? Well they do to me. I've said all of these at one point or another myself.


It took me years to understand that these had more to do with my confidence than anything else. Sure, some of them at face value were true. But at the end of the day, I was opting out of opportunities I had to learn new things and improve not just my microblading training, but my business building skills.

And then it hit me:

I didn't feel as if my business was worth the investment.

It wasn't quite as eloquent then and I have cleaned up the concept over the many months, but it was the only thing that could explain why I would deny myself and my business ongoing learning and microblading training for so long.

What I was really afraid of was change.

I had something that was working. And if this is working, why would I try something new? This was all based on a very limited understanding of what "working" meant for me. My confidence in how strong and big my business could be was nonexistent. I would write my goals down and stare at them thinking:

  • A million dollar business? No way.

  • How could I even get there?

  • I don't think there's enough clients to do that, anyway.

  • I can't do this. It doesn't happen to microblading salons.

None of these thoughts are real. Or healthy. Or logical. Or rooted in anything other than fear and lack of confidence.

I decided to challenge these thoughts and decided to give ongoing learning for microblading training a shot. I wasn't totally ready to accept that microblading training could be supplemented with ongoing learning but I didn't have anything to lose. I quickly found that as I got better at new skills, my confidence began to skyrocket. I often had a "fake it til you make it" taste in my mouth watching some people in the industry speak cryptically and then ask you to opt in to their microblading training but then I found some entrepreneurs and business consultants who gave all their secrets away.

It felt weird getting all this information without being asked for something in return, but I soaked all of it while they never asked for a penny. These were people like Dan Lok, Gary V, Russel Brunson, and DeepBridge Consulting (who we liked so much we brought on as our own strategy advisors and have been supporting the Brow Envy vision since 2018).

I was hooked.

I felt much more confident after pouring hours and hours with dozens of sleepless studying the content taking risks with the business and pursuing more of the business goals I used to mock myself over. After committed to this type of learning ranging from free to high end business and microblading training, it became second nature. I truly felt I was able to accomplish more and dream as big as I wanted. And the results were in: it WAS working from a dollars and cents perspective.

Brow Envy has grown double digits every single quarter since January 2018.

That's not meant to be anything other than candor and a show a genuine data point to express how much investing in your brain and your business can pay off. If anything, it's prudent to do so. Ongoing learning protects your initial microblading training investment. By learning new microblading skills as business building principles, you are only pushing your ability to deliver for your clients even further.

Learning something new was my solution. And supplementing ongoing learning for my microblading training and expertise ultimately was my cure for my confidence problems and I credit this for the reason Brow Envy continues to be something I am so proud of. If we don’t share our knowledge, then we can’t expect to advance our industry. Any business that wants to be taken serious should surround themselves with people and learning opportunities to always enhance what you bring to the table as an organization.

Your Microblading Training & Ongoing Learning Solution

Now that we’ve covered off the “why” for ongoing learning, let’s talk about how we've given you the solution!

Our mission has always been the same - empower women across industries to make their mark on the world and own the freedoms they deserve. Looking back, all the sources of information that were really lifting the veil and giving me a way to grow my business when I was trying to scale were hugely valuable for me. Now you can get that for your microblading business in the digital membership I've created for you!

We are proud to announce the Brow Envy Training Academy!

The Academy is meant for serious artists who want to grow their business fundamentally. It is a digitally based monthly membership program committed to ongoing learning & designed to give you financial freedom through a microblading business that lasts.

Microblading training cincinnati brow envy academy digital online business growth beauty artists

The fact is, you don’t have the energy or the time to invest dozens of hours jam packed into one weekend anymore. The Brow Envy Training Academy saves you so much time and energy by supplying you on-demand learning at your own pace that are 100% proven and actionable. There are videos with each of the modules as well as workbooks and training manuals you use to follow along in downloadable PDFs.

Best of all, there's no long term commitment! You can opt out of your membership, no questions asked. You would simply finish out your remaining month and then your membership would not be renewed on your next billing cycle. It’s a no lose situation - that’s how committed I am to helping you grow, how much I believe in this process, and how valuable this information has been to Brow Envy helping me build my 7 figure microblading business from scratch. I want to pass it on to you without holding anything back.

Your benefits include the following:

  • Access to our full library of learning modules that holds videos, checklists, Ebooks, and downloadable workbooks.

  • Brow Envy Academy Certification you can display as a strong marketing tool to your potential clients.

  • One new full learning module added every single month to build onto your growing skillset of microblading as well as business growth tools.

  • Provide influence and input on future modules created to enhance your experience.

We hope that you continue to allow Brow Envy be a part of your amazing journey! Here is the link again if you are interested in signing up - we hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at



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