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Cincinnati Microblading Training: 3 Reasons Why We Embraced Digital & Ongoing Learning

Updated: May 13, 2019

Cincinnati microblading training has been the focus for us at Brow Envy when it comes to fulfilling our mission to encourage and empower female entrepreneurs and beauty professionals. While this has been deeply fulfilling and we've training hundreds of Cincinnati microblading artists, we want to reach more of you. But we only have a limited amount of time and spaces to provide our immersive, in person experience.

Our solution: Provide you a learning experience that you can learn at your own pace from anywhere you have an internet connection. We built this digital microblading training membership for you to give you a chance to receive ongoing learning and training materials that provide proven methods that you can implement from day 1.

Ongoing learning is such a crucial component of improving ourselves and our business. Yet, when we think about growing our microblading salon, studio, beauty business, side hustle, or clientele in our niche, we don’t often go immediately go to ongoing learning as the solution.

Before we dive in, I wanted to leave this video here as a way to help deliver this incredibly valuable and helpful resource we've made available to you. If you prefer video content, be sure to check this out! Toward the end of this blog I'll give you all the important information you need to know with interesting insights along the way!

Microblading Training Model Is Broken

Change is the only true constant we can expect in life. A failure to adapt to the evolving world around us can easily result in business stagnation, or worse yet, failure to launch.

Take a look at some of these once iconic brands and businesses that didn’t focus on learning, improving, and adapting. Notice a trend?

Microblading training cincinnati sustainable business avoid these failed companies legacy
Understanding the link in these four companies can ensure your business's sustainability


At the end of this article, we’ll give you a solution to how you can avoid the fate of some of these major brands and how you can skyrocket your business results to ensure your business is around to give you the freedom and lifestyle you deserve.

Part of the problem is the fact that the microblading, and the beauty industry as a whole, is somewhat silent on how to account for the fact that so much of our ability to grow our companies, get more clients, and attract talented artists is dependant on protecting the information we have. There’s risk in putting all the information you’ve gathered in growing your microblading or beauty related businesses out there for anyone to see. Who is stopping that salon over there from taking that and leveraging it? But that creates an industry with a broken model.

The microblading training process is BROKEN.

There. I said it!

I talk about this is in our recent article talking about the power of a community of like-minded individuals all helping and supporting each other. You can check out that article here.

I don’t think that statement is particularly polarizing. I am sure we’ve all had similar thoughts. We are about to embark on the very technical, and highly demanding world of semi permanent makeup where our work has the ability to change lives and significantly alter someone’s appearance and self - esteem. But we’re expected to be equipped to do that all in one weekend? And not to mention, have no way to actually grow our business? The dirty little secret a lot of training programs won’t mention is that just because you do really good work, doesn’t mean that you will have an endless supply of new customers. That takes business acumen and intentional marketing strategy. Both of which you can absolutely be learned at the basic level. And in this industry, that will set you above your competition.

So what are the actual advantages of continuing to learn new skills and take in new knowledge?

Here are three crucial elements that speak to why ongoing learning should be something you invest your time and energy into your microblading business in 2019:

1. Supplement knowledge gaps with digital learning

As proven by the once juggernaut companies mentioned at the start, failure to adapt agnostic. It doesn’t matter how big you get, how many clients you have - the microblading and beauty industry as a whole is changing… with or without you. That much is a fact.

In order to stay one step ahead of your competition, it’s vital you constantly be learning as much as you can with regard to not only technical components of your craft, but also business building principles. As we inch closer and closer to 2020, we should all stop and recognize that integrating your business onto social media platforms and trying to engage with your potential customers is a must.

But platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube all have a much different interface from the business end. Ongoing learning of how to properly market on these platforms is a necessity to stand out in this environment.