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Columbus Microblading: Brow Envy Is Boosting Beauty & Brows

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Columbus microblading salons have been springing up everywhere - and for good reason. Microblading is getting even more popular and does so much for you and your daily life - well beyond what you'd imagine prior to getting it.

When Brow Envy Ohio launched 3 years ago, the vision was to enter another major market outside of our Cincinnati location. After the immediate success and positive reception the initial launch received, we set our eyes on Columbus. We knew there was a market for microblading and that all you babes would be looking for this service!

Columbus Microblading Details & Location

So, we launched in Columbus as well! We have a full time Columbus microblading artist who is incredibly talented and we couldn't be luckier to have! And to make it even easier for you, I am going to leave all the important links below as you consider microblading if you are in the Columbus area:

  • If you click here, you can go directly to the booking for our full-time Columbus microblading artist Ashley!

  • Check out Ashleys portfolio by clicking here or you can find her on Instagram @browenvyashley.

  • Access our Columbus location by clicking here or 1200 N High St, ​Columbus OH, 43201.

Here is the map for you in case you want to see it visually :)

Now if you are in the Columbus area and coming across this article we made for you but still want some more information about microblading, keep reading! I'll get into some of the common things said from Ashley's clients over the course of her career. Some of them will surprise you!

Columbus Microblading Clients Say This...

Here are the most common things our Columbus microblading clients talk about after getting microblading:

  • Each morning you are rocking your newly revived morning glow. No more sleepy eyes or having to worry about looking "put-together".

  • Microblading allows you to look in the mirror and start your day on a confident note - no need to hide your face from the world when you roll out of bed or quickly throw on some makeup. This is the main things our clients say has changed their life the most. They didn't realize emotionally how empowering it is to not have to put on makeup in order for people to be able to see you. You are beautiful - It's our job at Brow Envy Ohio to give our columbus microblading clients that reminder :)

  • Now that you don't need to spend so much time in front of the mirror getting your brows right, you can spend it doing other things. All of our Columbus microblading clients are quick to call out that while 10 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but how you start your day is incredibly important. Even just ten minutes each morning given back to you can dramatically improve how your day goes. What can you do with ten extra minutes every day spent on your or your family rather than perfecting a shape or shade of your eyebrows?

If you are interested in learning more about Columbus microblading, what are the microblading prices, where Brow Envy Columbus location is situated, or anything else regarding your microblading appointment, you can get more information on our blog page which I've pre-categorized to only show client information through this link here. Please feel free to review our price & policy page which will have some more information important to you. And lastly if you just want to talk to someone, give our client liaison specialist Sherrie a call at 614-407-1595 or email

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