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Welcome to the brow envy academy


ALL access—ALL of the time. ALL the one-on-one attention to help you get more clients, improve your technique, and fill in all the gaps from training class. Finally, the solution so many artists need.


Hi! I'm Amber - founder, artist and trainer at Brow Envy.

I've had the pleasure of speaking with countless artists who are simply unable to find their way in this business. They're struggling in whole host of areas: client growth, technique and overall confidence—they just feel lost. Sound familiar? I was this artist, and now I'm here to help!

What if you had a personal trainer AFTER class, whose sole job was to answer any and every question you have, ANYTIME? 

I have created what I feel the permanent makeup industry desperately needs—apprenticeship, on your terms.


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what is the inner circle?

Simply put, you will have full direct access to me for ongoing, personalized training. My entire job is to help you succeed in every aspect of your business. The Inner Circle is limited to a small group of people to allow each apprentice my undivided attention. 

What do you get?

  • Unlimited questions answered about any and everything

  • I will seek out and advise you on ways to grow your business and improve your technique

  • I will share my latest findings in technique, products and business 

  • I will employ the same methodologies that allow each and every Brow Envy artist to be successful


  • You will have my direct cell number to text or video message anytime

  • 1 business day replies, with your answer via detailed text or video message

Is THE INNER CIRCLE for you? Need help with any of the following?

  • Retention issues

  • Color choice

  • Client/Customer management

  • Social media (growth, traffic, etc.)

  • Technique

  • Hiring 

  • Business management

  • Supply choice

  • Pricing

  • Website creation

  • Advertising/Marketing

  • Any business or technical related issues

       What is the investment?

  • Only $499/month!

What do you get?
Good hands

Why Brow Envy?

We have the experience 

Layer 2.png

We Have Honed Expert 

Techniques Perfected From 4,000+ Microblading Sessions

Layer 3.png

We Know The Formula To Take A New Business From Zero Income To Seven Figures

Layer 4.png

We have coached 100+ artists to business success through our online, in person and coaching programs!

Why is our apprenticeship so effective?

Microblading and Permanent Makeup is hard. It takes time to master. And running a business can make things even harder. But it doesn't have to be - artists just need a mentor who's willing to share EVERYTHING they know to help new artists be successful. That's exactly what we do with The Inner Circle.

Why Us

You're In Good Hands

Proven Track Record Successfully Training Microblading Skills AND Building Successful Microblading Businesses.


Hours Training Brow Envy Ohio Microblading techniques.


Microblading artists trained through the Brow Envy Ohio Training Program.


Newly founded & fully operational Microblading businesses upon graduation from Brow Envy Ohio Training.

Here Are Some Free Training Videos To Help You Get To Know Me!

inner circle

inner circle

inner circle
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All Categories
Howto & Style
Microblading Artist Questions Answered: Ask Amber Series

Microblading Artist Questions Answered: Ask Amber Series

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Microblading Practice Tips & Tricks: Brow Zone Tutorial + More (ARTIST POV)

Microblading Practice Tips & Tricks: Brow Zone Tutorial + More (ARTIST POV)

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How To Create The Perfect Ombre Powder Brow: Microblading Tips & Tutorial

How To Create The Perfect Ombre Powder Brow: Microblading Tips & Tutorial

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How To Get More Microblading Clients: Practical Guide To Growth

How To Get More Microblading Clients: Practical Guide To Growth

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Got Any Questions?

Leave Them Below And We'll Get Back To You Within A Business Day! 


Talk to you soon!


Would You Rather Talk By Phone?

Set up a call with our Academy Director, Dominic.

There's plenty of materials, resources, and content we're going to give you below but sometimes it's easier to just briefly chat.


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