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THe business of brows

An In-Depth Guide To Making Your Microblading Career Full Of Freedom, Fulfillment, & Fun 

This comprehensive guide is your step by step blueprint thoroughly covering how to start, operate, and successfully grow your own Microblading business. 


Proven Track Record Successfully Training Microblading Skills AND Business Success


Hours training Brow Envy Ohio Microblading techniques.


Microblading artists trained through the Brow Envy Ohio Training Program.


Newly founded & fully operational Microblading businesses upon graduation from Brow Envy Ohio Training.

 This Guide Is For You If:

  • You Want Financial Freedom

  • You Want More Fulfillment & Independence Out Of Your Career 

  • You Are An Aspiring Artist Who Wants To Begin Microblading But Not Sure How

  • You Are An Experienced Artist Looking To Reinvigorate Your Business And Revamp Your Skills

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All of the tools and tips to get you started with microblading.

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Step by step instructions to help you build your business from the bottom up.

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Teaches you how to manage clients from pricing to expectations.



Amber is the founder of Brow Envy - Ohio's premier Microblading and Lash Studio & Academy.

An innovator and artist at heart, Amber took the Microblading world by storm while it was still in its infancy. It all started from her basement, on a broken laptop with no real capital. She believes that if she was able to do that anyone can.


Fast forward to today, she has built a successful million-dollar business. She oversees operations of two locations, 6 Brow Envy artists, as well as strategic direction of business growth. She teaches permanent makeup and business classes, as well as coaching other permanent makeup artists.


Her life mission is to empower other women to achieve their wildest dreams while positively impacting as many people as she possibly can. Hopefully this book can help equip more aspiring artists to do just that. 


Wondering What Kind Of


Is Even In This Guide?

What makes Brow Envy different is that

we will not hold back secrets or value.

To Prove that, please download this

20+ page introduction to the Business
of Brows that has the same look, tone,

and feel so you can feel comfortable

before you buy! 

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