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Welcome to brow envy academy!

Cincinnati, Ohio's First Microblading Studio Giving Women Businesses That Last! In-Person & Online Options 

  • Personal Freedom

  • Satisfying Career

  • Financial Security


Are You Looking For A Way To Achieve Any Of These? Brow Envy Ohio Has Been Waiting For You!

Start Your journey with our info packet 100% FREE & Learn About How We've Taught Hundreds Of Women Microblading, Permanent Makeup Skills AND Business Building Skills For A Career, And How We Can Teach You Too!

Why Us

What's It Like Training With Brow Envy?

Here's what you get when you choose to get Brow Envy Certified:


Expert Techniques Perfected From 4,000+ Microblading Sessions

This is Jackie. She’s a girl who decided

Hands-On Training With Extensive Pre & Post Class Support

It’s training week at Brow Envy Academy!

Access To Business Building Resources & Our Artist Community

YOUR Experience, Centered Around YOUR Development!

Brow Envy is invested in your success, and we take our responsibility as an educator very seriously. This is why we've developed an online learning platform with the sole purpose of prepping each and every student for training and beyond. 

Our training goes far beyond the exchanging of information, it's backed by the sole mission of impacting people's lives in the most positive way.

You're In Good Hands

Proven Track Record Successfully Training Microblading Skills AND Building Successful Microblading Businesses.


Hours Training Brow Envy Ohio Microblading techniques.


PMU artists trained through the Brow Envy Ohio Training Program.


Newly founded & fully operational PMU businesses upon graduation from Brow Envy Ohio Training.

Good hands
online microblading course


3 Techniques, 2 Days In Person Training, A Machine, A Kit, & More!


None required - this is a fundamental permanent makeup course. The Business Of Brows Course is designed for brand new artists with zero background in permanent makeup. It is also recommended for students who have some experience with one or more of the skills but want to learn and improve more!


What you will learn during this training:

The Brow Envy Business Of Brows Training is one of the most comprehensive permanent makeup training programs on the market. Upon completion of this course, students will have learned THREE skills:


  1. Microblading - How to create natural looking brows with hair strokes that mimic real real, done with a disposable hand tool

  2. Powder Brows - How to create a variety of styles of shaded brows that look like makeup, done with a machine (Your very own machine is INCLUDED in the course!)

  3. Combo Brows - How to blend Microblading AND Powder Brows to give clients the best of both worlds


Brow Envy Academy teaches permanent makeup in our innovative Three Prong Teaching System:


  • Step 1: Pre-classroom, self-paced online learning

  • Step 2: Intense, small group in-person learning

  • Step 3: Lifelong post-class support in our private student Facebook group

Our training program begins long before you enter the Brow Envy Academy classroom. All students begin receiving one on one training from our founder, Amber Harrison, remotely through our online pre-classroom work. Upon registering for the course, students will gain access to their self-paced pre-work. The course includes over 100 video and text modules, quizzes, and over a dozen practice assignments to prepare students for class. Amber reviews each assignment to provide individual feedback to students to ensure they are mastering all the concepts. As a result of this pre-classroom work, students can maximize their in-person learning time and really make the most of their investment.


The next phase is the 2 day in-person course, which features both classroom lecture and hands-on work. Lectures cover a host of topics, from business to technique. What makes our course even more unique is that we share our entire business system with our students - the same one that took our business from $0 and 0 clients to a 7 figure a year business! Paperwork, policies, marketing, social media training, and more - all included! Finally, students will conclude class by doing a observing a demonstration and participating in completion of that live model with our guidance. We utilize an assistant Brow Envy trainer and 8 or fewer students per class to ensure each individual gets plenty of attention.

The final phase of your class is your post-class support, which is done in our private students online Facebook support group. Amber and our team of trainers and other students form a tight knit community of support for you to gain help in your business, techniques, and even just to vent! The group also serves as a library of hundreds of topics of information - simply use the search tool to search any topic and see tons of threads from other artists who have discussed the topic.


What’s included in your class:

  • Microblading, Powder Brow AND Combination Brow Theory Instruction

  • Machine

  • Brow Envy Training Manual And Online Classes

  • Starter Kit - Tina Davies Inks, Numbing Products, Mapping String, Brow Pencil, Ink Cups, Brow Brushes, Needles & Microblading Tools

  • Practice Skin

  • Certificate Of Completion

  • Lunch/Refreshments


Duration: Pre-class training: 48 hours; In-Person hands on: 18 hours (2 days - Sunday + Monday 9am-6pm)


Certification provided:  Microblading, Powder Brows, & Combination Brows Certificate; Certified by Brow Envy Founder and Instructor Amber Harrison


Cost: $4250 


A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to book your seat in class, which can be paid online or via invoice . The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to class. Payment can be made in cash, or with any major credit card. We do offer financing, if interested please reach out to us!



Cincinnati, OH



*Please ensure that you are able to attend class prior to booking as all training payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. In addition, please consult with your local Board of Health in regard to tattoo licensure requirements in your local jurisdiction.*

Unsure about anything? 

We're all ears! Leave us your questions below. 


Talk to you soon!


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Training Dates



APRIL 30 - MAY 1

$4,250 I 2 Days 

JUN. 25 - 26

$4,250 I 32 Days 

MAY 21 - 22
seats available!

$4,250 I 2 Days 

JUL. 23 - 24

$4,250 I 32 Days 

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