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Permanent Eyeliner is an amazing way to enhance your look and feel more confident with ZERO effort! Your eyes are the first thing people notice, and if you're like most women - people think you look sick, tired, or stressed when you don't have eye makeup on. Why struggle with that when you can look like you did your makeup everyday as soon as you wake up?!

We learned our eyeliner techniques from the amazing Kristina Melnicenco in Miami, FL. We are so excited to be able to offer this incredible advanced technique here in the midwest. While many artists are only able to offer a simple solid line, our techniques include smudgy smokey liner, complete with optional winged liner and soft shading of the eyelid!


We are so excited to bring this amazing permanent eyeliner to Cincinnati, Ohio.

We offer two types of permanent eyeliner. Both last approximately 3-4 years but could be longer or shorter depending on the person. To keep your liner fresh we recommend touch ups once a year.