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5 ways to jumpstart your business using Canva (for FREE)

If you don’t know what Canva is, you’re in for a treat.

Canva is a free platform to create loads of content for your social media, website, business, anything you could imagine. One of my favorite things about Canva is that is completely user friendly. It’s not hard to navigate and it’s simple to learn how to start creating graphics and designs that look like you paid a professional to make.

Here are 5 things I love to create on Canva (for FREE) that have helped Brow Envy’s social media convert followers to clients:

Inspirational Quotes. This allows for your audience to connect to you. The Microblading industry is so much more than just brows. People want to know the person behind the brand or behind the business, and sharing some inspiration opens a passage to create that connection with your followers.

Promo Materials. You can create flyers, a service menu, postcards, business cards, anything you could ever need can be created on Canva from a template or from scratch once you get the hang of things (which won’t take long).

Newsletter. You NEED this for your business and as much as it might seem overwhelming, Canva makes it simple. Once you create it the first time, you won’t have to design it again. All you’ll do is go back in and edit the content!

Educational Posts. This can be about your services, your industry, your policies, etc. I use this to create word graphics for our instagram. Instead of sharing a photo of a microblading client and in the caption, explaining how it works or the aftercare. I’ll throw the photo on a Canva template and add wording to grab my audience’s attention and direct them to the caption for more information on how microblading works or aftercare.

Unique Photos. There are millions of photos about microblading, brows, beauty in general. In order to grab someone's attention and stop the scroll, you want to be posting something unique. Instead of doing the same before and after photos, use a Canva Instagram template to add something to your photo to allow it to gain more interest.

As much as this sounds sponsored, it’s not. I love any platform that will help make things easier for my business and that is free. I hope this was helpful and provided some new ideas for your social media!

I created a free training video on YouTube all about how to use Canva to grow your business for free. Check that link out here!

Let me know below if you have questions on how to create content using Canva!

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