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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us? We want to celebrate with something new and exciting this year with the biggest special event we have ever had!


Here is how you can take advantage of the Black Friday specials!

1. You will need to book the appointment with us Black Friday weekend - Friday 11/24/23 through Monday 11/27/23.

2. The booked appointment must be scheduled for a date between 11/27/23 and 1/31/24.

Note - you do NOT need to come in for an appointment Black Friday weekend - you simply need to book your appointment for any time between 11/27/23 and 1/31/24. Appointment must take place during those dates to receive the special pricing. Please note the only way to secure this pricing is to book that appointment starting at midnight on 11/24/23 and ending 11:59pm on 11/27/23.

When you come in for your appointment the Black Friday special pricing will be applied for you!

at, you can text 513-926-9424, or you can call 513-918-3004.

The specials are for all artists at all locations, except for Amber.

Want to make sure you booked your appointment properly to get the specials? Give us a call at 513-918-3004, or shoot us a text at 513-926-9424.


$150 Off - New Client Microblading, Powder Brows, or Blading With Shading

$100 Off - Annual Microblading/Powder/Combo Brow, Lip Blush, or Designer Eyeliner Touch Ups

$75 Off New Client Lash Enhancement

$150 Off New Client Designer Liner

$100 Off New Client Lip Blush

$75 Off Facials - *express and dermaplaning facial is excluded, but dermaplaning can still be added on to any other facial*

$15 off Lash Lifts and Lash Lifts with Tint



Brow Envy Columbus is got a new and improved studio location! While we loved our time in the Short North area of Columbus Ohio over the last 5 years, the time came for us to move to a new and improved location.

We have received feedback from so many of our Columbus babes that don't love coming downtown, struggling to find parking, or who didn't feel safe walking around downtown.

Your happiness is what matters to us, and when you speak, we listen!

Effective August 1, 2023, all appointments in Columbus will be held at the new studio location:

146 Graceland Blvd

Suite 404

Columbus Ohio 43214

Inside My Salon Suites

Our new studio is only about 15 minutes away from the previous location, in the awesome Columbus neighborhood of Clintonville. We know you are going to love the endless FREE parking spots, shopping and restaurants, and secure entry. The space is super comfortable and private for a unique luxury permanent makeup experience.

When you come inside the front lobby of My Salon Suites, you will just need to ring our suite on the intercom system - Suite 404 - and we will appear on the security camera and unlock the interior doors for you to come on in.

Everything else is exactly the same as what you've come to know and love about Brow Envy Columbus - just new and improved.

We have some awesome specials to celebrate the new space!




Click HERE to see our portfolio of work by artist.

As always, you can totally see any Brow Envy artist you want for annual visits!

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