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We are so excited to be BACK and REOPEN! You all have kept us so busy and June is full or almost full for all our artists, while July is already full for some.

We know that many of you are anxious to get in so we wanted to share how rebooking our cancelled clients went, along with how our use of the temporary reservation list went. I can assure you we had a very detailed process and incredibly organized list (color coded and all!!) to ensure it was 100% fair to everyone.

Booking Status Update

🗓Our first priority was rebooking anyone who already had their appointment cancelled due to the mandatory closure, to be fair. We were able to contact/rebook all the cancelled clients from March-May for summer dates. As you can imagine, that filled up a lot of artists’ schedules quickly.

📒Next we moved to our temporary reservation list and filled every artist’s calendar until May, June & July were full OR until we crossed each persons name off of the artist’s list - whichever came first. We have always booked our artists only about a couple months out so that you guys don’t have to plan your appointments too far out and so our artists have some flexibility to plan much needed time off, so August has not been opened yet.

✏️Current status - anyone on the waitlist for Joscelyn, Chelsea, Gara, & Anna was contacted and offered a spot, so their booking is back to normal and open for everyone. There are a handful of spots in June left with some of them but June is mostly full for all artists.❤️

🖊Mary’s books are full through July, so as a result we no longer will use the temporary reservation list for her - booking is back to normal. Due to the closure and demand, Mary’s booking will open on a set date going forward. Her August schedule will open on Saturday JUNE 13th at 9am online. Please book online that morning to ensure you have a spot. They will go fast based on the number of people who had been waiting. An email will also be sent out to anyone on our client email list as a reminder!

📒Amber’s summer calendar also filled upon rebooking March-May cancelled clients before we could get to most people on the reservation list. She isn’t reopening her books for August yet for personal reasons but we will post here when she knows her fall plans so everyone has equal ability to book.

Since we are reopen and have filled every artists' schedule for the current booking window, this means we are now no longer using the temporary reservation list in Cincinnati. That was simply a temporary place holder to allow us to catch up when we reopened more smoothly. So if we did not get to your name before the artist you were waiting for filled their summer book, it just means you can book per our normal process when their books reopen.

There is one exception to the list status - we will maintain a reservation list for Ashley until she returns from maternity leave in August. If you would like to see Ashley in Columbus in August or beyond, please text or email us with your first and last name, and your desired service.

Reminder! You can see any BE artist you want for annual touch ups. We are a team and we welcome you to see any one of us!

Please call, text or email with any questions or concerns!

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