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Lip Blush or Lip Filler, or Both?!

Did you know that your mouth is one of the first things people notice about your face? Youthful, colorful, and plump lips make us look younger. As a result, it's no surprise that lip enhancements are one of the top cosmetic treatments in the United States!

Two common enhancements for your lips are:

LIP BLUSH, also known as a lip tattoo


What’s the difference between lip tattoos and lip filler?

Lip Blush is a tattoo for your lips, typically done by a trained and licensed permanent makeup artist.

Lip Filler is an injectable product, typically done by a trained and licensed nurse, doctor, medical professional.

Ok, so you know you what to do something with your lips, but you can’t decide if you want a lip tattoo or lip filler...

They are both incredible services with impactful results! Both can look super natural or bolder depending on how they’re done. Both can be super safe and effective as long as you choose someone trustworthy.

Some of the differences we think are important to note.

Lip Blush can provide even color distribution in your entire lip shape. Lip filler may not change the color of your lips. If you’re looking for a color change - this is the main benefit of Lip Filler.

Lip filler can give you volume and projection. Lip Blush cannot. Lip Blush can certainly give the illusion of bigger, more pouty lips by defining a perfect shape. But any actual increase in size is only temporary with Lip Blush. However, for many people with Lip Blush, lips will look a good deal bigger when one noticeable color completely fills the lip area, along with nice definition.

If you want color change WITH definition AND volume - you can totally get both services done! Lots of your Brow Envy artists have both and we are happy to answer any questions you have about combining the two services, or if one might be better for your lip goals.

Call us to chat at 513-918-3004. You can also text us at 513-926-9424.

Would you like to see pictures of our lip tattoos? Check out our instagram portfolio at THIS LINK!

You can also learn all about Lip Blush prep and aftercare, FAQs and more by reading our info packet HERE!

Ready to book your session? Click HERE and choose which of our three Ohio permanent makeup studios you want to visit for your lip tattoo!

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