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This comprehensive guide is your step by step blueprint thoroughly covering how to start, operate, and successfully grow your own Microblading business. This guide is for you if:

1. You Want Financial Freedom.
2. You Want More Fulfillment & Independence Out Of Your Career.
3. You Are An Aspiring Artist Who Wants To Begin Microblading But Not Sure How.
4. You Are An Experienced Artist Looking To Reinvigorate Your Business And Revamp Your Skills.

This blueprint to Microblading success includes proven methods that I have learned throughout my journey from leaving my corporate career to starting my own Microblading business from scratch. Following these steps and methods, I've taken my passion and have built a million-dollar business. 

In most cases it takes years of practice, failure, learning, and experimenting to really grow your business. And once people figure it out, they don't want to share their secrets. I want to empower women to be successful and build an empire doing what they love. The Business of Brows equips you with the tools you need to make your dream a reality. I am honored to be a very small piece of the journey you are about to embark on. Fortune favors the bold! 

Chapter 1: 
What is Microblading?

The comprehensive guide begins by explaining fundamentally what Microblading actually is and walks you through everything there is to know about Microblading to serve as your definitive North Star on your path to success. 

Chapter 2: 
The Ideal Microblading Artist

Microblading is highly rewarding for artists and clients alike, however, it has its challenges. This section sets expectations as you begin your journey and ensures you are always prepared & able to overcome any obstacle you encounter to guarantee your success. 

Chapter 3: 
Starting Your Business

It’s not all just the art. One of the scariest parts of running your own business is successfully navigating all the business red tape. Whether you’re starting from scratch or finally looking to go out on your own, this section includes all you need to know about starting your Microblading business. 

Chapter 4: 
Set Yourself Up For Success 

While chapter 3 touches on the major components of actually starting a business, this section focuses on the sustainability of your business and how to integrate specific processes to make sure your doors stay open. Research shows approximately 50% of small to medium sized business fail within 5 years – this guide helps you steer clear of those mistakes and thrive.

Chapter 5: 
Marketing For Microbladers

Being a talented artist and having your own business would be good enough for most training programs. Not at Brow Envy. Our goal is to help you create a successful business full of clients. Your Microblading skills alone may get some customers but it won’t grow your business. Discover how to persuade, influence, and scale to ensure profitability. 

Chapter 6: 
Sanitation: Protecting Your Clients & Yourself

Sanitation and safety are critical aspects of your Microblading business but often the training given to new and existing artists is not tailored to Microblading specifically. This section provides a robust overview of unique considerations connected to Microblading to maximize your sanitation and safety standards. 

Chapter 7: 
Microblading Start To Finish

The final chapter of this Microblading blueprint to success includes ALL of my most effective Microblading techniques that I’ve built my million-dollar business on. I want you to have them. If you were to only study this chapter in detail, it would meet the requirements of most training that Microbladers receive. In conjunction with the other chapters, this complete guide gives you all my secrets and proven methods from start to finish for you to put into action yourself. 

The Business Of Brows

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