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Fall 2020 Update!

Hi babes!

As many of you may know from my previous posts and shares over on @browenvyohio, I am not currently accepting clients.

As the owner of Brow Envy, I wear many hats. I manage our locations in two cities, which means training, overseeing and leading all 7 (and growing) employees. It includes things like making sure we have inventory, marketing, ensuring an amazing customer service experience, and so much more!😴😆

I also have another very busy arm of the business with our in person and online training @browenvyacademy. We’ve trained hundreds of amazing artists in person and 1,000+ online!

Next month we launch a new addition to Brow Envy, our online PMU supply store.💻

I also have some exciting new endeavors up my sleeve that I’m working on! In addition to homeschooling my littles.💗

This is an exciting time for me but also a little bit sad, since all of this means I won’t have much time to do clients anymore. I am happy to say that I’ve spent years developing the Brow Envy army of artists into being among the best in the business for this moment. There are many to choose from and I personally trained them all!

Most importantly, I created Brow Envy to be a space where a guest could see anyone and receive the signature BE treatment. None of our artists are booth renters - all are employees. I consider them business partners and friends.😊

This means they perform all the services the way I made them. They all use the same premium products and tools, and the same techniques we’ve acquired from training with the best in the world, and thousands of hours of experience.

Basically - you’re in wonderful hands with anyone on my team! I know it can be scary to trust someone new with your beautiful face but please remember that I built this whole thing from nothing in my basement! The Brow Envy reputation is priceless to me and I wouldn’t allow anyone to be a part of this team if they’re weren’t the best of the best.

You can see any one of them for your touch up. I’ve included pictures of their work for you to scroll through but you can see all their profile names below to search on Instagram!



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