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Ads Are A Waste Of Money For Most PMU Artists

Updated: May 11, 2019

Hi friends!

Today I want to talk to you about Ads.

We want to grow our businesses so we think advertising on Google and social media is the answer.

In this lesson I’m going to tell you why that is not the case for most new artists and businesses and what to do about that! Maybe you're thinking about taking out a Google, Instagram, or a Facebook ad, and you're wondering if it's worth a few hundred dollars or more per month. Or perhaps you've even taken out an ad before, and wondered why it didn't perform well, or worse maybe you have no idea if it did anything for your business. Maybe you noticed only a slight or no increase in sales during the ad course.

Well, there is a strong chance you are wasting your money, and I want to discourage you from doing that. It's not the ad itself that you are being wasteful on, and obviously, it's not your intention. However, even if you are able to isolate the best strategy for a Google, or a Facebook, or Instagram ad, and you spend the money on it, you can get the views, and you might be getting people to click. But it's what they land on is most important. If they click on your link, and they land on just a booking page, you have done nothing to sell that customer. In our minds it sounds nice that we just show people, "Hey, you're looking for microblading? Click the link." It lands on a booking page, and then they book. That is not how advertising and marketing works at all. It's really important that what they land on when they click gets their attention. What does the landing page or website say about you, your services, why they should choose you?

We have done extensive market research, and customers tell us they y are looking for several things when searching for a microblading artist. They want someone credible, who they can trust to give them a safe and predictable, beautiful outcome. The two most important things they want to see are reviews and photos, because they want to prove credibility.

Solve their problems and meet their needs and you will always have customers!

If you are running an ad, and people are landing on something that doesn't show that you're credible, they're not going to book. You did spend money on that ad, and you paid for that click, but it didn't result in a sale. If you're having a hard time converting sales, that might be one reason why. Make sure that you have a website that they're landing on, not just a booking page, and that the website has documented, independent reviews. Link them to your Google listings, so that they can see all those reviews, or your Facebook page, and they can see all the people who love you. The next thing that you want to make sure you do is that that landing page has photos of your work. Because if they can't see a bunch of photos of your work, they've lost, they don't have credibility, and they don't have a big attention span. They're probably going to go hit the back button and go back to browsing. Make sure that you are addressing that need. Next, make sure they know who you are. That means making sure you have an About Me section on your page or that landing page with a picture of you. I think a lot of people forget to do that, myself included at times. Make sure they know who you are. They could think that you do an amazing job, but they might still question if you're even real, out if you're the right artist for them. But that one picture of you, or a little video of you talking, is really going to help push them over the edge. So, About Me with lots of information about you. Next I want to make sure that you tell them where you're located. Even better, take that a step further and document where you are. Tell them your address, show them pictures of what it looks like, what you're tray set-up is. Let them see the décor - so they get a feel for what they're walking into. A lot of customers have never had a tattoo before, and their vision of what this is about to be like is totally off. Make them feel comfortable by letting them know where they're coming ahead of time. A lot of customers have told me that that made them feel better, that they weren't walking in blind. Those are just a few of my suggestions for your website. If you can tackle all of those, and you still want to run an ad, go for it, but just make sure that you've addressed all of those things first.

In my opinion, for your first year of business, most new microblading artists don't need ads at all. Just utilize word of mouth, making sure that you're out there with search engines with plenty of content, all of the FREE social media pages out there to get your content out is all you really need. And then you can go from there if you really feel like you need ads, eventually. I hope you've found this video helpful! If you have questions on ads, or you have feedback, or maybe you have a different idea, go ahead and make a post in the user portal message board and I'll be happy to continue the discussion there.

And if you're ready to jump start your business in a major way, let's get you into the Brow Envy Academy Membership!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day, and thanks for letting me be part of your journey. See you next time!



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