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Microblading Training Podcast "Morning Brew" Now Available!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Microblading training just got a lot more accessible and convenient!

We're committed to supporting the Cincinnati microblading training community and have launched significantly more in-person training classes to ensure your microblading career skyrocket out the gates while also providing online microblading training courses to support on-demand learning and a wider audience all around the country.

This time our news is for artists across the board and is aimed to make training, personal, and professional growth MORE ACCESSIBLE THAN EVER!

Brow Envy Training Academy is excited to announce that our new Morning Brew Podcast is now available on iTunes and the Apple Podcasts app! Or you can download the podcasts directly clicking here!

We've brought you this podcast after the incredible reception the Morning Brew content series received but had many of you mention you wish the content was more accessible. So we adapted our popular microblading training video series we've been creating for microblading/beauty artists and given you this podcast for FREE!

Not an Apple user? Not a problem! We're also creating instant downloads for the podcasts so you can have access on any device you own without using an app so you never miss out on the content.

Once we are able to assess if you all are enjoying this new content from feedback & subscribers, we'll make it available on Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and where ever else you listen/download your podcasts. So it's important to subscribe & leave a review if you find the content valuable so we can keep giving you what so many of you have asked for!

New to podcasts entirely? Well this is a perfect place for you to start if you are a beauty artist looking for any of the following:

  • Actionable business tips

  • An open dialogue on personal growth

  • FREE microblading training content

  • An entertaining conversation that is casual, bite-sized, and packed with bunches of helpful content that you can listen to start to finish before you even get done enjoying your morning cup of coffee (or tea), hence the name "Morning Brew" :)

Morning Brew Perks

Giving you all this free audio business/personal growth resources that you can now finish easily while enjoying your morning coffee, on your way in to work, during a workout, or even close out your work day on your drive home wasn't enough. We are committed to giving back to artists and providing as much value for you on your journey to success as possible.

That said, to make things even better we now are releasing "One Minute Brew Summaries" for the Morning Brew content! You can now have all the highlights of the episode covered in one simple download. That way, you have everything already written down. No need to have a pen and paper ready - watch, and now you can listen, whenever convenient for you! The notes will be waiting :)

if you have an iPhone, navigate to the podcast app and type in "Brow Envy" - you'll see the Morning Brew Show by Amber Harrison pop up.

Get a taste of some of the Morning Brew content pages in the bullets below that include both the podcast and the summary guides for your convenience using the links below! Or Subscribe and give us a rating you feel we deserve!

Final Question

In the comments section below, we'd love it if you would answer this final question for us:

What content or topic would you want created for you that would provide the most value?

Feel free to email any ideas you have to or check out the Brow Envy Morning Brew Playlist YouTube page and comment on any of the latest morning brews your idea!

Online Microblading Training Courses

Also don't forget to check out our online microblading training course library. We have created so much content for you to implement immediately and start growing your business!

online microblading training academy brow envy

We value and appreciate all the support you've given Brow Envy Academy and hope to continue doing all we can to help you crush your personal and professional goals as a microblading artists and beauty professionals :)

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