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CASE STUDY- Red Head Babe

This post is the first in the newest section of our blog...


Our Case Studies will be educational posts that teach artists and clients alike all the details of permanent makeup on different skin types, ages, lifestyles, and more. Read on if you'd like to learn more!


Procedure: Microbldaing ​Age: Early 20's Skin type: Normal Pore size: Small Contraindications: None Tools: Tina Davies 14 Curve Inks: Li Dark Toffee & Auburn

This beauty has been a client of mine for a year and a half, and came this week for a touch up. Historically, I've found that red heads do not always make the best microblading candidates. This is because their brows often heal very cool and they tend to have very sensitive skin, and bleed easily.

However in her case, she is the perfect candidate. Her brows always heal well and her skin is amazing to work on.

The first photo shows our remapping process at the beginning of her touch up.

The second picture shows our outline locked into place with marker.

The last photo shows her immediately after her touch up!


  1. Assess skin type - while they aren't always the best candidates, if they're younger with small pores and normal skin they will likely still have a good outcome.

  2. Assess health - again, shading may be a better option for many red heads, but overall great health, and healthy skin can lead to a normal result.

  3. Work slowly - if you encounter bleeding be sure to check your depth and blot often.

  4. Evaluate at the touch up - if results are less than expected, consider at that time offering shading or a full powder brow.

Do you have experience working on red heads? What issues have you run into? Do you have any great tips to share? Leave us a comment!

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