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3 Things To Look For To Avoid Your Microblading Nightmare

So now that microblading is SUPER popular, we're often asked how the average consumer can identify a well trained artist from an average one. Keep reading to find out! And don't forget to watch the above YouTube video and subscribe!

The key difference between an average technician and an excellent artist is...TECHNIQUE. Artists can make pretty right after photos, but great technique is shown in healed results.

Check out this video and I'll walk you through a touch-up!

Here are a few things to look for in a great artists' technique:


Their hair strokes should be thin and fine like hair. If they look wide and super dark, they will not heal as natural and were likely inserted too deeply into the skin. Great artists achieve this with proper needle entry into the skin, which should be 90 degrees.


Hair strokes should have crisp edges around each one. If not, they heal fuzzy and wide. Crisp edges can be achieved with super tight three point stretch. That means the skin should be stretched in three directions with a very small space between the artist's fingers. 


Each stroke should have very even pigment placed. This means there should not be sections of strokes that are lighter. New artists tend to have light beginning and ends of strokes, with darker centers. This leads to shrinkage of strokes and uneven fading.

Have technique questions? Get in touch with us today! Email us at and ask us anything at all you've always wish you had an answer to and we'll follow up.

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