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ARTIST TIP - How to take the perfect brow photo - and why it matters!

If you're a permanent makeup or brow artist, or an aspiring one, odds are that you already know how important portfolio work is. Pictures are probably what helped you choose a trainer, and you probably already know that pictures will help you book clients. But do you know that sharing EXCEPTIONAL photos can literally be the difference between booking a few clients and being booked for months?! Do you know that sharing photos with captions that invoke emotion can move a client to book with you that has been on the fence for months?

Keep reading to learn my simple tips to getting PERFECT pictures to build your business and get more bookings!

Step 1: THE CAMERA You're going to need a good camera. Note that I said GOOD, not EXPENSIVE. In most cases a nice smart phone will do the trick. Personally, I'm an iPhone person, so I know from experience that iPhone X takes phenomenal brow photos, better than most premium cameras. 


You need a very bright light that can be positioned over your client's face. Ring lights are my fave because they make everyone's eyes pop!


We all know when it comes to selfies, angles matter right?! The same is true for pictures of your work. 

  • Get close. The closer the better. Quality is better when you don't have to zoom later.

  • Be consistent. Keep your angles the same for all before and afters.

  • Be artistic. Frame your client so they look nice. Notice in my examples I keep the full face photos on an angle because that's more flattering than directly overhead.​


Share the stories you hear from your clients all day. What are their pain points? What made them book with you? How has this service transformed their life? Share that - remember people need to know WHY they need it. And that's personal so make your captions personal. No need to post captions that actually TELL the customer they need to book. Let the picture and the story sell for you!

Why is it so important?

Great pictures with matching great captions can attract clients to you, without much additional effort on your part. Ever heard of soft selling?!

soft sell (verb) - gerund or present participle: soft-selling

sell (something) by using subtle persuasion.

You provide an outstanding service that can change a person's life. You need to convey that to your potential clients by sharing content that moves them emotionally. Buyers need you to tell them why they need what you're selling, without being badgered by you to HURRY UP AND BUY! :)

If you follow the tips I gave you, you can easily build a booming brow business!

Hope this post was helpful to you! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below enter your information to receive your artist training packet!

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