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Microblading Marketing: Social Media Digital Training Course Launch

Marketing your business across social media platforms can be difficult. It seems intuitive and like a simple task considering we've all had personal social media accounts most of our adult lives. But marketing your business is a whole different story. Your content and your mindset has to shift.

Roughly 50% of small to medium sized businesses fail within the first 5 years of operation according to the Labor of Bureau Statistics.

That's a statistic that is terrifying.

And if you think about it and just simply look around, you'll see the changes in your local community from having a chic apparel store only to be replaced by a vibrant coffee bar happen all the time. Life seems to go on without you ever thinking about that local shop in its former glory.

For the person it affected, it's devastating. As Brow Envy approaches its 3 year mark, we are lucky enough to have such amazing clients that we don't have to worry about this reality that many artists have to face.

But at Brow Envy, our mission has been about empowering ALL women. Not just clients. But also our fellow microblading artist artist.


We're so excited to announce the launch of our brand new Brow Envy Academy course - Social Media Made Simple! Here's a 1 minute video talking more about it! If you want to learn more, we've given away a lot of juicy details including some very actionable things you can do to fuel your social media growth directly from the course itself below the video so be sure to check that out :)

Microblading Marketing Training 101

I want you to play along with me for a second. Get out a pen, pencil, or even jot this on your notes on your phone. But answer these few questions in as few words as possible.

Imagine you are your consumer.

Picture them pulling out their phone and getting on Instagram or Facebook or any other social platform your business is on:

  • When they get to your page, what is their impression of your business?

  • What are they typically doing when they decide to check your business's social media page? Are they seeking an escape from their day job? Or are they waiting in line at Starbucks? Are they actively looking for you as a solution?

  • What are some of the emotions that go through their head?

  • Are they engaging with your posts?

Being able to effectively market your brand on social media requires you to be able to answer these types of questions. And in as much detail as possible.

Amazon's Chief, Jeff Bezos, said it best:

"Your brand is what other people say when you're not in the room."

Are your customers saying what you want them to say? Starting your microblading business is one thing - but you then have to use social media to create a brand that has customers saying exactly what you want said about your business.

This is the part that took me years to really wrap my head around and be able to influence for Brow Envy.

That's the reason this course exists! To save you the years of trial & error learning things the hard way. Over the years of searching for the best ways to get more clients using social media, all the information available wasn't really applicable to growing a microblading business or beauty business. Not to mention it was never all in one spot. And usually the person providing the information didn't even have an instagram account using their own advice.

This course is customized and tailor made for all you artists out there. In this course you'll get the following:

  • 40 minutes of social media fundamentals, growth strategies, and things you can begin doing today to get more customers and grow your audience.

  • Downloadable microblading training guide focused specifically on social media. You can use this 30 page PDF to follow along while you watching the video training content.

  • Downloadable microblading training workbook to accompany the training guide and video content. This workbook is used after you complete the training material to put your learning into action and help you apply all your valuable, new social media strategies!

  • Access to our Microblading Artist Community if you want a place to learn and grow as not just a beauty artist and entrepreneur. Check out our content we made about that if interested or have questions.

microblading cincinnati microblading training cincinnati brow envy academy training community of microblading artists

This course gives you a roadmap that will help you start growing your social media audience, get more customers, and ultimately book more clients. Continue reading on and we share some of the actual strategies covered in the course!

If any of these three things sound appealing to you, then you are in the right spot!

  1. Save countless hours and energy scouring the web that you can better use improving your technique and creating engaging content.

  2. Eliminate the stress of where your next clients are going to come from by creating a system for your ideal clients to consistently find and book YOU!

  3. Become a business with a brand that people will support in the long term to help you find the personal, financial, and professional freedom you've been looking for.

We Are Living Proof

We have skin in the game, too. We're right there with you - in fact, everything you see in this course is something that has already been proven on the Brow Envy social pages. Here are some business results that we can credit directly to the proven processes that are taught in the Social Media Made Simple microblading training course:

  • We're growing by the thousands on Instagram with +13k followers and counting.

  • We've seen double digit search engine traffic growth and have been ranked #1 on Google for "Microblading Cincinnati" for all of 2018 and 2019.

  • Other platforms we've expanded to where we use these principles like Youtube has +50,000 minutes of watch time and hundreds of subscribers! The screenshot below shows you in the past 90 days alone our growth using the tactics. It's proof like that this that drove us to create this course to share with you so you can expand your business across platform, too! Feel free to follow this link and see for yourself the kind of content we've been focusing on - you should totally subscribe and check out our content while you're at it :)

Brow envy microblading training marketing growth youtube

We included this information simply because we want you to see this isn't some sales pitch where someone overpromises and underdelivers. You can be confident in the information in this course because we use the same methods. We anticipate 2019 being our strongest year to date thanks to our consistent investment into our social media efforts and support from the beauty community. Our intention is to do whatever we can to help you implement these concepts and crush your goals!

Is A Training Course on Social Media Growth For Me?

Despite the outlook we have for 2019, I remember all too well not really being sure how to grow my business. I had just completed my microblading training. Most of us had to endure the same microblading training experience that left us not prepared to thrive as a business owner. Luckily I had years of corporate business world experience along with my husband. I also got the opportunity to work with a former P&G marketing manager who had just started a strategic advisory firm and was looking to take on new clients. To this day DeepBridge Consulting still partners with us on all of our marketing strategy.

I had a lot of things go right for Brow Envy to become a seven figure business from scratch. Not everyone will have fortunate situations and opportunities like this, though.

The reason Brow Envy Academy exists is because it got too difficult watching fellow artists who were highly talented struggle and never understand why it wasn't working for them.

They often blamed their talent...

Their work ethic...


Most of the time it was none of those things.

It was simply the business fundamentals and marketing side of things.

A lot artists don't have formal business training or corporate experience. And while that's certainly not a necessity, it makes a major difference in positioning your business to grow. It's why Brow Envy has made such an investment in the microblading Cincinnati artist community. And this course is another reflection of our commitment.

Social Media Made Simple will provide you all the information you need and will give you the edge over your competition. Here are are some additional details of the actionable things you'll learn in this microblading training course: