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Social Media Strategy Made Simple: E-Book available for purchase

So often we are asked how we grew from a solo artist biz into one with two locations and multiple employees. The simple answer media! It's such an amazing tool and it's FREE! There is a wealth of information out there to help you navigate the various platforms, but let's be honest - it's confusing when you're new! 

So, guess what?! We wrote a book to help you all with that! This book covers all the basics of social media, including what the platforms are, definitions, and what platforms are best for what purpose. It also covers more advanced topics such as growth tools and apps, data, a guide to using hashtags, and so much more!

We hosted our class, Social Media Made Simple, for 30 amazing girl bosses and it was a huge hit. The book contains all the content and worksheets  from the training.

In the next couple weeks the book will be available for purchase. Until then, here is an excerpt from our book regarding how to create the perfect Instagram bio!

FREE Sample

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