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It's Here! The Business of Brows

I have some amazing news that I can finally share! I've written a Guide to growing you Microblading business with all my tips and tricks on all things microblading! This has been in the works for months, and it is available for download! It has been such a fun (and exhausting!) journey compiling all the knowledge, experience, and techniques that I've accumulated over the last couple years doing well over 1,000 microblading sessions. I cannot wait to share it with you all! There are still a couple big surprises coming along with this book that I can't share just yet, but just know it's going to be the most comprehensive book on microblading ever! Keep reading to learn more about what the book includes, why I wrote the book, and how you can get it!

 When I first started researching microblading, there was no one within a couple states doing it; at least not doing it consistently and well. It was hard to just find a trainer with a lot of information on their program and reviews. When I finally completed my first class, I left knowing that I wanted to do more to help newcomers to the industry learn everything they could about this craft. Not because the training wasn't good. She did a great job teaching me. But I wanted to accumulate expert level knowledge and experience so I could give so much more.

I watched as microblading exploded all around me. Naturally, with such significant growth, I encountered more and more artists who felt the training they received was inadequate, or that they needed more detailed information from an expert to be successful. 

Once I had completed a significant amount of clients and developed a 6 month wait, I knew that I needed to grow my team. In late 2016 we acquired a storefront and I began searching for my first employees to train. It was during that process that I realized I have a real love for teaching and coaching! After watching the success of the employees I trained, I realized the keys to successful microblading are both thorough training and having a trainer that gives away all their secrets! From there, I wrote my training manual and began training students in small groups in my program, The Business of Brows: The Brow Envy Microblading Training program.

After completing several in person trainings, I began getting inquiries from people all over the US and abroad, asking for help. In most cases they took classes but felt they didn't get all the information they needed to be successful, but they were unable to come to my classes. That's when I got the idea - I need to put together some kind of information source for them! I started by sharing bits of knowledge on social media while writing the Guide

The guide is now all complete and ready to share! Soon you will be able to purchase it and learn from wherever you are! The book covers topics from the basics of what microblading is, to client management, and specific Brow Envy Microblading Techniques. 

Please enter your information below if you'd like to receive information about downloading this guide so you can start growing today!

Thank you so much for your support and I can't wait for you all to read it!

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