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The (Not So) Painful Myth of Microblading

We are often asked if permanent makeup hurts. The short answer is - it depends! We never say yes or no, because pain is subjective. We've done thousands of sessions and we can say with certainty most people feel a little something during the process. Most describe it as minor discomfort, similar to a body wax. Not super pleasurable, but more than manageable, especially considering it's pretty fast and the outcome is pretty sweet!

We use a scientific blend of numbing medications to get the best numb possible. (short of giving you a shot or meds to knock ya out, since we're not doctors!)

A couple years ago we used a topical cream only, but since then we've determined breaking the skin first and then applying numbing works much better for most procedures. We spend about 15 seconds per brow placing little scratches on each brow. Don't worry, it's no big deal! 

The first product we use is Blue Gel, which we place on your brows for about ten minutes. Then we begin the first pass. We use Ultra Duration as a secondary numbing after we start and at this point most people don't feel anything. It contains epinephrine which helps to control bleeding and swelling. That means better results for you!

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